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King's Mouth: Music and Songs Vinyl

The Flaming Lips King's Mouth: Music and Songs Vinyl


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King’s Mouth: Music and Songs on black vinyl  

Track Listing:

Side A
  1. We Don't Know How and We Don't Know Why (feat. Mick Jones)
  2. The Sparrow
  3. Giant Baby (feat. Mick Jones)
  4. Mother Universe
  5. How Many Times
  6. Electric Fire (feat. Mick Jones)

Side B
  1. All for the Life of the City (feat. Mick Jones)
  2. Feedaloodum Beedle Dot (feat. Mick Jones)
  3. Funeral Parade (feat. Mick Jones)
  4. Dipped in Steel (feat. Mick Jones)
  5. Mouth of the King (feat. Mick Jones)
  6. How Can a Head (feat. Mick Jones)