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The Shelters Vinyl

The Shelters The Shelters Vinyl

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This is The Shelters self-titled debut LP on Warner Bros. Records. Just like the EP they released last October as an album preview, their full-length is a blast of Southern Californian rock and roll from a four-piece like they used to make them, when the factory was still up and running. Co-produced by Tom Petty, this album comes at you from behind, nothing you were expecting.
The Shelters had just banded together when Petty heard them and got a gut feeling about what they could be. He gave The Shelters the keys to his home studio and showed them a few things. Though mostly he left them alone, Petty had enough sense to leave the gear powered up. Maybe they were determined to show him he hadn't made a mistake. Maybe they just liked the way those old tube amps sounded. They seized the moment and got to work, insistent on becoming a band. A real band.
One listen to their single "Rebel Heart," or any one of the other eleven songs on their debut, and you'll know they pulled it off. Led by the songs, harmonies and twin-guitar sound of Chase Simpson and Josh Jove, and powered by drummer Sebastian Harris's groove obsession, the band has put together a collection of recordings that have an immediacy, an emotion, and a musical intelligence that suggests these boys are beyond their years.

Side A
01 Rebel Heart
02 Birdwatching
03 Liar
04 Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl
05 Surely Burn
06 The Ghost Is Gone
Side B
01 Gold
02 Never Look Behind Ya
03 Fortune Teller
04 Dandelion Ridge
05 Born to Fly
06 Down