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Black Holes And Revelations LP

Muse Black Holes And Revelations LP


VINYL FORMAT. If Muse sounded like a new band on Black Holes and Revelations it's because, after Glastonbury, they were: expanded of mind, settled of spirit and anything but sedentary of sound. Lyrical themes abound from apocalyptic soundbites to conspiracy theories to the idea that identity cards are the first sign of the onset of the end of the world. Black Holes and Revelations was the band's brightest and most dynamic set of songs at the time.

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1-01 - Take a Bow
1-02 - Starlight
1-03 - Supermassive Black Hole
1-04 - Map of the Problematique
1-05 - Soldier's Poem
1-06 - Invincible
1-07 - Assassin
1-08 - Exo-Politics
1-09 - City of Delusion
1-10 - Hoodoo
1-11 - Knights of Cydonia