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The Heart Of Everything

Within Temptation The Heart Of Everything

Any goth metal band fronted by a woman post-2003 is going to be compared to Evanescence, whether they like it or not. And while they're probably sick to death of hearing this comparison, Within Temptation's fourth full-length overall, 2007's The Heart of Everything, will especially garner some comparing/contrasting to Amy Lee and company. But here's the catch for newcomers to the band: Within Temptation has been around longer than Evanescence. That said, give a listen to the male-female duet "What Have You Done," which sees Within Temptation frontwoman Sharon den Adel paired with Life of Agony's Keith Caputo -- and guess what song it sounds a bit like (yes, you guessed it: "Bring Me to Life"). Elsewhere, the sextet isn't afraid to get downright symphonic, even on the ballad "Frozen" plus the metallic rock of the title track and "Hand of Sorrow" (the latter of which combines both approaches, sounding a bit like Meat Loaf's latter day epics). And you've got to love a song that was inspired after a viewing of Braveheart (the aforementioned title track), which explains the sweeping "cinematics" that are on display throughout The Heart of Everything. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide

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01. The Howling
02. What Have You Done
03. Frozen
04. Our Solemn Hour
05. The Heart Of Everything
06. Hand Of Sorrow
07. The Cross
08. Final Destination
09. All I Need
10. Stand My Ground
11. The Truth Beneath The Rose
12. Forgiven
13. What Have You Done (Extended)