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The 2nd Law 2xLP

Muse The 2nd Law 2xLP

VINYL FORMAT. When Muse approached the making of their sixth studio album, they wouldn't stint on the choirs, strings and horn sections. And be reassured: guitar-shredding, piano-thumping, orchestra-arranging, book-chewing, big- thinking Matt Bellamy, as the band's chief songwriter, didn't lower his sights from The Big Picture nor ignore The Precious Details. And nor were the trio afraid of giving space to a brilliant new element to their sound - songs written and sung by bass player Chris Wolstenholme.

This time, the only clock Muse had to beat was their own internal band rhythm. They had the days and weeks and space to experiment, explore ideas, rig up massive in-studio PA systems, hire in remixers, play with pedals, and (technical term alert!) fanny around to their hearts' content. And this time, Muse had the experience born of self- producing The Resistance to apply their studio knowledge to creating the album they really wanted to make.

It was about saving aggro, and conserving energy. And, appropriately, it was about The 2nd Law: an album titled after and thematically influenced by the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which concerns the inevitable wasting of energy within a closed system. It was about letting themselves go and enjoying themselves. Muse, after all, had earned it.

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1-1 - Supremacy
1-2 - Madness
1-3 - Panic Station
1-4 - Prelude
1-5 - Survival
1-6 - Follow Me
1-7 - Animals
2-1 - Explorers
2-2 - Big Freeze
2-3 - Save Me
2-4 - Liquid State
2-5 - The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
2-6 - The 2nd Law: Isolated System
2-7 - Voice [Spoken Word] – Katie Razzall