Stone Sour (CD/DVD)
Stone Sour

Stone Sour (CD/DVD)

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Some things are just meant to be: No matter how hard you try, the hands of fate twist around your ankle and pull you back to stand face-to-face with destiny, especially when what you have to offer the world is so damn GOOD. Such is the case with Stone Sour. Stone Sour is the culmination of 10 years' worth of expression, friendship and determination. Formed in 1992 by Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor and Joel Ekman (drums), this was the beginning of a band that would do anything, play anywhere, for any crowd. Now 10 years later, the rest of the world will get to learn that, too. ***Special edition comes with five bonus tracks and a DVD featuring the videos for "Bother," "Get Inside" and "Inhale."