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  1. Feeding Fiction Crewneck Sweatshirt

    Feeding Fiction Crewneck Sweatshirt

    The Heartist 'Feeding Fiction' crewneck here features a gray design of a moon, stars, and hand holding bones. The band name is written across the top with the album title written along the bottom. The design is printed on a... Learn More
  2. 'Feeding Fiction' T-Shirt + CD + Instant Download
  3. 'Feeding Fiction' Tank Top + CD + Instant Download
  4. Skull & Book T-Shirt

    Skull & Book T-Shirt

    The Heartist 'Skull & Book' t-shirt here features a flaming skull on top of three books with the text "Let Yourself Ignite" written along the spines. The design is printed on a 100% cotton, preshrunk, Tultex brand black... Learn More
  5. Coffin Crest Tank

    Coffin Crest Tank

    The Heartist 'Coffin Crest' tank here features a gray design of a coffin with shovels crossed behind it and the band logo on top. The text "Speak Your Mind Or Take Your Tongue To The Grave" is written across it, with the... Learn More
  6. WTF Raglan

    WTF Raglan

  7. Rhinestone Hoodie

    Rhinestone Hoodie

  8. Antique Tank Top

    Antique Tank Top

  9. Locket T-Shirt

    Locket T-Shirt

  10. Widow Hoodie

    Widow Hoodie

    The Heartist 'Widow' hoodie here features a heart with a spider web and spider within the heart. The band logo is printed within the spider. The design is expanded upon the back of the hoodie featuring the band name. The... Learn More
  11. Karma T-Shirt

    Karma T-Shirt

    The Heartist 'Karma' t-shirt here features the album title "Nothing You Didn't Deserve" with the band name printed at the bottom of the design. The design is printed on a black Startee brand shirt.

11 Item(s)

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