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Neil Young -  Music  - Year Of The Horse (Live) CD

Year Of The Horse (Live) CD


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Year of the Horse is also a live album by Neil Young & Crazy Horse released in 1997. It offers a different track list than the film.
Release Date: June 13, 1997
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Year Of The Horse (Live) CD

Track Listing:

Compact Disc 1  
01  When You Dance You Can Really Love (Live)
02  Barstool Blues (Live)
03  When Your Lonely Heart Breaks (Live)  - By NEIL YOUNG
04  Mr. Soul (Live) - By NEIL YOUNG
05  Big Time (Live)
06  Pocahontas (Live)
07  Human Highway (Live)

Compact Disc 2  
01  Slip Away (Live)  - By NEIL YOUNG
02  Scattered (Live) - By NEIL YOUNG
03  Danger Bird (Live)
04  Prisoners (Live) - By NEIL YOUNG
05  Sedan Delivery (Live)