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Living With War (CD/DVD)

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For this raw limited-edition CD+DVD version of Living With War, the critically acclaimed original album, Neil Young strips away the choir, ratchets up the guitars and blasts away with all the passion and volume worth of one of rock's greatest singer-songwriters. In addition, packaged with the new audio CD is a DVD featuring video clips documenting the recording sessions for each of the 10 songs on the album (which is also presented with new artwork). With this Living With War, Neil Young is once again rockin' the free world.

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Living With War (CD/DVD)

Track Listing:

CD/DVD 1  
01  After The Garden [In The Beginning]
02  Living With War [In The Beginning]
03  The Restless Consumer [In The Beginning]
04  Shock And Awe [In The Beginning]
05  Families [In The Beginning]
06  Flags Of Freedom [In The Beginning]
07  Let's Impeach The President [In The Beginning]
08  Lookin' For A Leader [In The Beginning]
09  Roger And Out [In The Beginning]

CD/DVD 2  
01  After The Garden
02  After The Garden (Video)
03  Living With War
04  Living With War
05  The Restless Consumer
06  The Restless Consumer (Video)
07  Shock And Awe
08  Shock And Awe
09  Families
10 Families (Video)
11 Flags Of Freedom
12 Flags Of Freedom (Video)
13 Let's Impeach The President
14 Let's Impeach The President (Video)
15 Lookin' For A Leader
16 Lookin' For A Leader (Video)
18 Roger And Out
19 America The Beautiful
20 America The Beautiful (Video)
21 After The Garden
22 Living With War
23 The Restless Consumer
24 Shock And Awe
25 Families
26 Flags Of Freedom
27 Let's Impeach The President
28 Lookin' For A Leader
29 Roger And Out
30 Long Walk Home  - By Neil Young with Crazy Horse
31 MidEast Vacation  - By Neil Young with Crazy Horse
32 CNN [Showbiz Tonight]
33 Colbert Report Interview