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Oslo: Burning The Bridge to Nowhere (CD/DVD)

Doug Stanhope Oslo: Burning The Bridge to Nowhere (CD/DVD)

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Recorded in an abandoned factory in the Grünerløkka suburb of Oslo, Norway, the performance is as spontaneous and unhinged as anything Stanhope has ever done. Originally a sewing machine factory converted to a German WWII bunker, the setting for Oslo is anything but conventional. Whereas most comedy specials are filmed on an elaborate stage, Stanhope and Nikon Norway filled a dilapidated industrial space with lights and folding chairs, ultimately allowing the material be the focus of this release.

Oslo: Burning The Bridge To Nowhere, available in stores and online on May 3rd, will include a CD and bonus DVD recording of the infamous live show. Stanhope’s brutally honest style is shockingly uninhibited, ranging from biting social commentary to the crass and obscene.

01. Noah
02. New Oslo
03. Royalty
04. Dead People's Baggage
05. Olympics
06. Complete Unemployment
07.What Have You Done For Me Lately?
08. Stinkless Pussy
09. Strong Target
10. Spinning Dildo
11. Go-Kart Track Massacre
12. Suicide in Finland
13. What's He Building in There?
14. Abortion Is Green
15. Stomping Kittens
16. First Midget Bullfighter
17. Ugly Woman Who Could Sing
18. Spaceship to Glarkk
19. Genghis Fuck Scenes
20. Shame and Self-Awareness
21. Erectile Function
22. "Hello, Sarah?"
23. Blort
24. Jizzoons
25. Drambuie
26. Freemarket Pussy