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The Return Of The King Soundtrack


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The final film in the Lord Of The Rings trilogy will be a certain blockbuster. The soundtrack albums to the previous films have been hits and award winners. Now with The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King featuring a track by Annie Lennox, this score album from the series composer Howard Shore is sure to score with movie fans.
Release Date: November 25, 2003
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The Return Of The King Soundtrack

1      A Storm Is Coming        
2      Hope And Memory        
3      Minas Tirith        
4      The White Tree        
5      The Steward Of Gondor        
6      Minas Morgul        
7      The Ride Of The Rohirrim        
8      Twilight And Shadow        
9      Cirith Ungol        
10      Andzril        
11      Shelobs Lair        
12      Ash And Smoke        
13      The Fields Of The Pelennor        
14      Hope Fails        
15      The Black Gate Opens        
16      The End Of All Things        
17      The Return Of The King        
18      The Grey Havens        
19      Into The West