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Get Along (CD/DVD)


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Product Description
DVD/CD package, entitled Get Along, Released on November 15th, 2011. Get Along is a collection of three films and a live album that offers viewers a rare and intimate look into the lives of widely celebrated songwriters, performers, and musicians Tegan and Sara Quin. Get Along is a standard DVD/CD that includes "States," "India," and "For The Most Part," plus an audio CD of the 15 live tracks on the DVD.
Release Date: November 15, 2011
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Get Along (CD/DVD)

Track Listing:

01     Alligator (Live)     
02     I Know I Know I Know (Live)     
03     Monday Monday Monday (Live)     
04     I Hear Noises (Live)
05     Night Watch (Live)     
06     Back In Your Head (Live)
07     Divided (Live)     
08     Call It Off (Live)
09     Relief Next To Me (Live)
10     The Ocean (Live)
11     Nineteen (Live)
12     Knife Going In (Live)
13     Not With You (Live)
14     I Won't Be Left (Live)
15     Sentimental Tune (Live)
01     States
02     India
03     Alligator (Live)
04     I Know I Know I Know (Live)    
05     Monday Monday Monday (Live)
06     I Hear Noises (Live)
07     Night Watch (Live)
08     Back In Your Head (Live)      
09     Divided (Live)
10     Call It Off (Live)
11     Relief Next To Me (Live)
12     The Ocean (Live)
13     Hell (Live)
14     Nineteen (Live)
15     Knife Going In (Live)
16     Not With You (Live)
17     I Won't Be Left (Live)
18     Sentimental Tune (Live)