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Fork In The Road CD

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Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Neil Young is stirring things up again. This time he is rolling on down the road not only with an auto-centric concept album, but with his own electric ride. Fork In The Road, whose largely eco-car-themed songs he debuted in concert during the past year, will get a promotional push from the 1959 Lincoln Continental Young has converted to hybrid technology and which he plans to drive to Washington, D.C. With Fork In The Road as current as today's headlines, the controversial and mad-as-hell Neil Young is still rockin' the free world and once more is taking the road less traveled.
Release Date: April 7, 2009
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Fork In The Road CD

Track Listing:

01  When Worlds Collide
02  Fuel Line
03  Just Singing A Song
04  Johnny Magic
05  Cough Up The Bucks
06  Get Behind The Wheel
07  Off The Road
08  Hit The Road
09  Light A Candle
10  Fork In The Road