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Broken Arrow CD


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On Broken Arrow, the latest Reprise Records release from Neil Young with Crazy Horse, a new chapter is opened on one of rock and roll's longest running musical collaborations. Young and the group - Poncho Sampedro, vocals, guitar; Billy Talbot, vocals, bass; and Ralph Molina, vocals, drums, percussion - have been playing together, on and off, since 1969, when original member Danny Whitten helped found Crazy Horse with Young. The group and its legendary frontman went on to record such epochal albums as Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, After the Gold Rush, Zuma (featuring the newly recruited Frank "Poncho" Sampedro, replacing the deceased Whitten), Comes A Time and a string of albums throughout the Eighties that included Re Ac Tor and Life. Young and Crazy Horse then went on to explore a new era of cutting edge rock with 1990's Ragged Glory and 1994's Sleeps With Angels. Now, with the release of Broken Arrow, nearly three decades of music-making make way for an extraordinary new expression of creative camaraderie and consensual risk-taking.

One of the most resonant and riveting offerings in the entire spectrum of Neil Youngand Crazy Horse's on-going sonic explorations, Broken Arrow features seven new Neil Young originals, plus a relentlessly raw rendition of the Jimmy Reed classic "Baby What You Want Me To Do" recorded live at the frontlines of the quartet's continuing assault on the boundaries of electric expression. With Broken Arrow, Neil Young with Crazy Horse have set the standards for real rock 'n' roll into the oncoming millennium.
Release Date: June 28, 1996
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Broken Arrow CD

Track Listing:

01  Big Time
02  Loose Change - By NEIL YOUNG
03  Slip Away - By NEIL YOUNG
04  Changing Highways  - By NEIL YOUNG
05  Scattered  - By NEIL YOUNG
06  This Town  - By NEIL YOUNG
07  Music Arcade  - By NEIL YOUNG
08  Baby What You Want Me To Do (Live Version) - By NEIL YOUNG