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Digital Downloads Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I download and play my music?

1. Click The Download Link

Once your order has been completed, you will be sent to the order confirmation page.  Below your Order Confirmation number, you will see a Downloads section, and a link to "Click to Download"


You will also receive an Order Confirmation E-mail with your download link, which will have the link where idt says "Your digital download is available"

Clicking this link will download the Zip folder onto your computer.  This may take a few minutes to finish (or longer for a Video or HD file). 

2.  Unzip

Once the download has completed, located the folder on your computer (Most likely this will automatically go into your Downloads folder if you don't choose a different destination).  

Note: this is a Zip file that will need to be unzipped.  If you don't have the software for this, you can download WinZIP or 7-Zip for Windows, or Zipeg for Mac. 

On a PC: You can right-click on the Zip folder, choose extract all.  Or open in your Unzip utility.  

3. Play

You can Double click the Song(s) to open in your default music program (iTunes or Windows Media Player).  You can also open the program and drag the tracks in to play them or add to your library.  


If you purcahsed a HD or Flac download, iTunes and Windows Media Player do not support this format.  We reccomend VLC Player, which supports all music and video file formats.  You can Download VLC for free here


Q.  What if my download link doesn't work? 

A. Please reach out to Customer Service through our Contact Us page, and we will make sure you get your music as soon as possible!

Please Note: if you ordered a product with a future release date, you will not receive the download link immediately.  You will receive an email with the download link on the release date. You can see the Release Date on your order confirmation.

Q. Can I download directly onto my handheld device (such as iPhone or blackberry)?

A. No, we apologize, but at this time we do not support this download option. You will need to download your tracks onto a computer and import them onto your handheld device. Consult the FAQ's for your specific device for help on importing the tracks.

For an iPhone, iPad, or iPod: You can first download the music to your computer, open the MP3's in iTunes, then sync the device with your computer to add the music.  

Q. What quality or bit rate are the MP3 downloads?

A. MP3's purchased from this store are 256K bit rate, a compression rate that balances manageable size for downloading and high quality audio.  

Q. How long does it take to download a track or album?

A. This will depend on your connection speed, the file size of the track and Internet traffic.

Standard estimates for downloads:
Single download: Less than one minute - several minutes
Album download: 1 - 15 minutes
* Music Videos and HD albums can be very large files and take longer to download, up to an hour

Q. What if I forget to click the Download Now button right after I complete my order?  

A. You will receive an e-mail order confirmation that will have a link. 

Q. My order includes pre-orders of music that hasn’t been released yet. When can I download that music and how do I do that?

A. You will receive an e-mail order confirmation of your pre-order redemption. 

Q. I did not receive my confirmation email after I completed my order. What should I do?

A. The most likely reason that you did not receive your order confirmation email is that it's in your “Junk Mail” or "Spam" folder.   

If you did not receive the order confirmation email, even after checking your "Spam" folder, please reach out to Customer Service through our Contact Us page, and we can make sure to re-send your order confirmation!

Q. What if my download process is interrupted?

A. If the track download is interrupted for any reason (i.e. knocked offline, hit wrong button), you can return to the original Download Now link and start the process over. 

Q. I have a "corrupt" file. What is the issue?

A. The file may be corrupt because it did not fully download. Please download the music file again.

Q. What if my file is "damaged"?

A. If the file is damaged or you receive an error message, we will work with you to resolve the issue and provide a proper file. Before contacting customer service, please consider disabling any firewall programs and attempt to download again. If you continue to have issues, please reach out to Customer Service through our Contact Us page with specific details about your issue and list the email address used to obtain it.

Q. Why did I get a warning message that “Some files can harm your computer. If the file information below looks suspicious, or you do not fully trust the source, do not open or save this file.”?

A. This is a standard Microsoft warning which will appear whenever you download any file from the internet. It is a way to confirm that you are purposefully downloading a file, as opposed to clicking on an unknown link.