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  1. mcr_pins.png

    Zone Runner Button Pack

    8 different small button pack featuring designs from the world of 2019.
  2. MB Heart Pink Mug

    MB Heart Pink Mug

    Pink Coffee Mug featuring Silver Foil MB Heart Design
  3. Electric Palm Tote

    Electric Palm Tote

    Navigate the day in style with this Electric Palm Tote! This black tote features a palm tree in a circular design along with the Bruno Mars logo.

  4. Sheezus Acrylic Necklace

    Sheezus Acrylic Necklace

    Sheezus acrylic Necklace
  5. Sheezus Bobble Hat

    Sheezus Bobble Hat

    Sheezus Bobble Hat
  6. Sheezus Totebag

    Sheezus Totebag

    Sheezus Tote Bag
  7. Moonshine Jungle Tour Bundle

    Moonshine Jungle Tour Bundle

    Missed the tour or trying to relive the memories? We’ve got you covered! This Moonshine Jungle Tour Bundle includes everything you missed or forgot to pick up at the show!

    This bundle includes the Skele... Learn More

  8. 2014 Moonshine Jungle Poster

    2014 Moonshine Jungle Poster

    Decorate your bedroom or dorm room with this 2014 Moonshine Jungle Poster! The design features Bruno Mars alongside his Moonshine Jungle Tour dates. Poster measures 24” x 36”.
  9. Moonshine Jungle Program

    Moonshine Jungle Program

    Forget to pick up a program on tour? We’ve got you covered! Relive the memories with this Moonshine Jungle Program!
  10. 2014 Palm Button Pack

    2014 Palm Button Pack

    Start your own Bruno button collection with the 2014 Palm Button Pack! One pack includes 4 unique buttons including a portrait of Bruno Mars and more.
  11. Palm Trucker Hat

    Palm Trucker Hat

    Now available, pick up the Palm Trucker Hat from the Moonshine Jungle Tour. Hat has a palm tree embroidered on the front with “Moonshine Jungle” embroidered on the bill. Adjustable strap on back allows hat to fit all!
  12. Plush Gorilla 80's Logo

    Plush Gorilla 80's Logo

    Snuggle up this winter with Bruno’s plush gorilla. This plush gorilla comes clothed in a Bruno Mars “Moonshine Jungle” tank top. Gorilla measures 7 1/2" inches head to toe, and 10" inches arm to arm.

Items 37 to 48 of 490

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